Foothill is gearing up for its fourth Spelling Bee!


The bee and practices are open to all 1st through 5th graders, and will be held entirely outside school hours.  The goals of the Spelling Bee are to promote a love of spelling, to give students practice speaking in front of their peers and an audience, and to teach resiliency (what happens when you make a mistake?).  We ask for a $20 donation to participate in the bee — this is to cover the fee for entering into the Scripps competition, for the Spelling City accounts, for custodial services on the day of the bee, and for certificates and medals.

The official 2018 Foothill Spelling Bee will be held in the Foothill Multipurpose Room on January 20th (Saturday morning) at 10am.  The bee will be held according to the Scripps rules with the Scripps official wordlist.  We will send the (3rd grade and up) champion of our bee in to the Scripps regionals if the champion chooses.  1st and 2nd graders are allowed to participate in our school bee, but cannot participate at the regional level (due to our region’s rules).
There will be 2 practice ‘bees‘:
  • Monday November 6th, 5pm, Foothill Multipurpose Room — all students will be given turns to practice spelling out loud in front of their peers and parent coaches.  No students will be ‘out’ due to a misspelled word, and the coaches will offer suggestions for spelling, spelling bee strategies, and public speaking strategies.
  • Thursday December 7th, 5pm, Foothill Multipurpose Room  — this will be a full practice bee run according to the same rules as the final bee on January 20th.

Participants will receive copies of the Scripps word lists and an account at Spelling City for home practice.