This year we will have our second annual Foothill Elementary Readathon!

Our Read-a-thon has two goals:
Our first and more important goal is to get our kids excited about reading as a daily habit.
Our second goal is to give them a way to help raise money for their school.
This year students will have ?? days to meet their reading goals. The readathon will start on ?? and end on ??.  Our Foothill teachers have helped us set reading goals based on each child’s grade.
Readathon donations will fund the ??.  Our goal is to raise ??.
Some thoughts:
  • Any kind of reading is allowed: books, newspapers, magazines, Raz Kids, etc.
  • We encourage you to submit all reading logs on this page using our online form.  This will help Readathon volunteers minimize work keeping track of total reading times!  However, if you’d rather use a paper form to log reading time, you can find these forms in the front Foothill office.
  • Our online form only allows for flat donations in any amount. We will email out total minutes spent reading to parents for those who would like to calculate their donation based on minutes read.
Here are the key dates:
❖ ?? – Read-a-thon starts!
❖ ?? – End of reading period
❖ ?? – Last Day to Submit Donations and Reading Logs
❖ ?? – Student readers celebrate with prizes