This year had our second annual Foothill Elementary Read-A-Thon!

Our Read-A-Thon had two goals:

•Our first and more important goal is to get our kids excited about reading as a daily habit.

•Our second goal is to give the students a way that they can help raise money for their school and our community.

This year students had 15 days to meet their reading goals. The Read-A-Thon started on November 1st and ended on November 15th.  Our Foothill teachers have helped us set reading goals based on each child’s grade. Our school-wide reading goal is 1500 hours.
 The Read-A-Thon finished with 1552 hours read and $7004 donated!
Read-A-Thon donations (80%) will fund the design of an outdoor classroom for Foothill to be used by all Foothill students. We will work with an architect to design a sun-sheltered and rain-sheltered space outdoors that supports new hands-on learning opportunities. This classroom will be a complement and an extension to our gardens.
The other 20% of the Read-A-Thon donations will go to help a Santa Rosa school that was burned in the recent North Bay fires. Anova is a program which serves children and teens with high functioning autism and related social, emotional, and behavioral challenges. There is an option to share directly to the Anova School’s Go Fund Me by going to 


Here were the key dates:
❖ November 1st  – Read-A-Thon starts!
❖ November 15th  – End of reading period
❖ November 17th  – Last Day to Submit Donations and Reading Logs
❖ December TBD  –Student readers celebrate with prizes