How do we let our Children know they are important and valued? Project Cornerstone is an exciting new program focused on supporting the healthy development of our children by making every effort at home, school and in the community to ensure children have the necessary building blocks to become successful, caring and responsible.  The books used in Project Cornerstone are listed below.

What are Asset Building Champion (ABC) Volunteers? ABC volunteers read stories and lead discussions in the school classroom that are designed to increase the number of developmental assets in all students and adults. The stories and activities focus on issues like student-to-student respect, how to avoid bullies, and what to do if a bully is victimizing others. Students also learn about values such as honesty, caring, responsibility, and friendship. By sharing these concepts in class, volunteers help create a common language and vocabulary about student respect for the entire school. Each month, ABC volunteers meet as a group to review the book and lesson plan for the upcoming month. Then, the volunteers read the book and lead the planned activity and discussions in their assigned classroom. All ABC volunteers must complete either a Taking Asset Building Personally (TABP) or an Assets 101 training course.

Responsibilities of ABC volunteers are:

  1. Complete a two hour Assets 101 course
  2. Complete and sign the Project Cornerstone/YMCA volunteer application, code of conduct, and volunteer agreement.
  3. Attend a monthly preparation meeting.
  4. Each month read a selected book in your assigned classroom, lead the students in a discussion and complete an activity based on the provided lesson plan.  The books used in Project Cornerstone are listed below.
Kindergarten Book Titles

1) Listen and Learn
2) Join In and Play (Learning to Get Along)
3) Talk and Work It Out (Learning to Get Along)
4) Accept and Value Each Person (Learning to Get Along)
5) Understand and Care (Learning to Get Along, Book 3)
6) Be Polite and Kind (Learning to Get Along)
7) Reach Out and Give (Learning to Get Along)
8) Try and Stick with It (Learning to Get Along)

These books are part of the Learning to Get Along Series by Cherie J. Meiners, M.Ed.

ABC Elementary Program Book List 2014-2015
Champion Year Book Titles
1) Friends to the End for Kids
by Bradley Trevor Greive *
2) Giraffes Can’t Dance
by Giles Andreae
3) BIG
by Coleen Paratore
4) When Sophie Gets Angry – Really, Really Angry by Molly Bang
5) Ruby Bridges Goes to School—My True Story by Ruby Bridges (K-2nd)
Through My Eyes by Ruby Bridges (3rd grade on up)
6) How Do I Stand in Your Shoes?
by Susan DeBell, Ph.D.
7) Sebastian’s Roller Skates
by Joan de Deu Prats
8) Thank You, Mr. Falker by Patricia Polacco
*New schools will read Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
instead of Friends to the End for Kids.
Fifth/Sixth Grade Students Moving to Middle School (All ABC Levels)
Who Moved My Cheese? for Kids by Dr. Spencer Johnson & Christian Johnson