September 6th First Grade


Title: Bright & Cheerful Colourful Portraits (a Matisse Inspired Exercise)

Artist: Matisse (‘Woman with a Hat’)

Objective: To explore portraiture, the basics of drawing faces, naming features, proportion and symmetry of faces.  Use of unusual colours to create shape, highlights, shadows. Self-expression through colour choice.

Vocabulary: Pointilism, Fauvism, Primary Colours, Secondary Colours, Blending, Proportion, Features, Symmetry.

Materials: Oil pastels, fine tip Sharpies, Large coloured (various) construction paper.

September 14th TK and Kindergarten 

Title: Dubuffet Cows

Artist: Dubuffet

Objective: To gain an understanding of ‘Art Brut’ through Dubuffets portraits of cows. To learn to fill the paper. To learn how to ‘build’ images of objects/animals using simple shapes.

Vocabulary: Size/Scale, Shapes, Features, Focal Point, “Art Brut”

Materials: Paper, Sharpies, Paint, Fine and Thick Paintbrushes

September 21st Second Grade

Title: Watercolor Wheel Windflowers

Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe

Objective: Students will learn basic concepts of color theory with a variation on the color wheel. Windflower are normally white with multiple petals, but we will add a twist and make these bright and colorful. Students will learn to mix primary colors to render secondary and tertiary hues and apply these in a color wheel like affect to a large flower composition. The flowers will resemble the expansive organic shapes, close up viewpoint and expressive lines of Georgia O’Keeffe’s works.

Vocabulary: Color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, composition, picture plane, medium

Materials: large pieces of watercolor paper, red, blue and yellow watercolor paint, brushes, pencils, black sharpies