October 19th 2nd Grade

Color Wheel Flowers (continued)

This will be the second installment of the Color Wheel Flowers project inspired by the traditional color wheel and the large flowers of Georgia O’Keeffe.

In the last meeting the students drew a large flower, divided and labeled the petals into twelve parts. With this lesson they will learn to mix the three primary colors

into secondary and tertiary hues and paint the petals in the appropriate spots. They will cut out the flowers and paste onto black paper and add cut out leaves.


Materials: Acrylic paint, brushes, scissors, construction paper

Art Words: Color wheel, primary, secondary and tertiary colors, cool vs warm palette




October 26th 1st Grade

Birch Tree Fall Landscape

Students will render a landscape using warm fall colors and birch trees inspired by the works of Gustav Klimt.

They will section of parts of the picture plane with long strips of masking tape for the birch trees.  They will paint

the forest floor, leaves and sky using a dappling technique.  The compositional components of scale of the trees and their location on the picture plane

will indicate perspective. Once the paint is applied, the masking tape will be removed to show the white, long, rectangular shapes of the birch trees.

Black paint will be speckled on to finalize a birch tree affect.



Materials: paper, watercolor, brushes, masking tape

Art Words: perspective, landscape, foreground, background