November 9th, 2nd grade

Value Study Spooky Landscape

In the previous two lessons the students learned that an artist can make an infinite array of colors by just using yellow, red and blue…

and black and white. In this lesson we will build on color theory by learning that the values of black and white can create a ‘range’ of darkness to lightness in an artwork which makes it appear more realistic. Students will make a scale of four values: white, black and two greys.

With these colors they will render a ‘spooky’, nightfall forest landscape.

Material: Black and white acrylic paint, paper, brushes

Art Words: Value/value scale, landscape, perspective, foreground, background




November 16 and December 14th, 2nd grade

Abstract Composition of Circles

Inspired by the works of Wassily Kandinsky, with this two-part project, students will make an abstract composition of

overlapping, colorful circles. The circles of varying sizes will be made from both traditional art materials and found objects.

These works, with a 3-D relief, will portray a sense of movement and abundant energy.


Materials: paint, paper, brushes, solid and patterned paper, scissors, glue, found objects with circular shapes such as buttons and paper plates.

Art Words: Abstract, composition, found objects