PTA Sponsored Art Docent Lesson Outline 2017 – PDF

PTA Sponsored Art Docent Lesson Outline January -May 2017

January – March

1st Grade

“Gumball Machine Collage” inspired by the art of Wayne Thiebaud

  Project: Using Thiebaud’s 1963 painting Three Machines students assembled mixed media materials into a still-life composition of a gumball machine. The gumballs are ‘stamped’ with wine corks dipped in paint. The use of a horizon line was used to separate the background and foreground of the picture plane and dark, long shadows indicate a bright light source.

Art Words: Still Life, Horizon line, Shadow (light source)

Materials: Paper, paint, wine cork, construction paper, tin foil, sharpies, pastel crayons, glue


“Abstract Composition” inspired by the art of Va ssily Kandinsky

 Project: Students collaged various materials to create a pure abstract composition. While listening to jazz music, they used active diagonal lines, vivid colors and multiple shapes to instill a sense of movement in their work.

Art Words: Abstract art, composition, collage

Materials: Paint wash, construction paper, tissue paper, sharpie, rulers, glue 


2nd Grade

“Rorschach Ink Blot Bugs”

Project: Students applied black ink to paper, folded in half and rendered random shapes. They imagined these were bugs—make believe beetles, butterflies or moths, with six legs, antennae and colorful, symmetrical bodies. They all sit in peaceful repose on an expressively painted branch, asymmetrical in its form. This led to a discussion about what we can find in nature that is symmetrical or asymmetrical.

Art Words: Rorschach Ink Blot Test, Symmetrical, Asymmetrical

Materials: Paint, watercolor paper, black sharpie, metallic pencils, glue


“Dot Spirit Animal” inspired by the art of the Australian Aborigine                  

Project: Students chose a ‘spirit animal’ indigenous to Australia for their Aborigine style collage. The animals were traced, cut out and glued onto a larger paper, then traced with concentric rows of colorful dots. Graphic symbols used by the Aborigine in their art, were added in black sharpie.

Art Words: Spirit Animal, Australian Aborigine, dot art, silhouette

Materials: Animal Stencils, paper, scissors, glue, paint, Q-tips, sharpi



1st Grade

“Cherry Blossom Landscape” inspired by the traditions of Japanese art

Project: Students will paint a misty background of mountain tops. Using an ink blowing technique, they will create the sprawling branch of the cherry blossom very close to the viewer’s perspective. They will apply the cherry blossoms with a dotted motion using Q-tips.

Art Words: Sakura, ink blowing, foreground, background

Materials: water color paper, water color wash, black ink, drinking straws, Q-tips 


“Window with a View” inspired by the work of Henri Matisse       

Project: Inspired by Matisse’s Fauvist 1948 paining Egyptian Curtain, students will compose a ‘wild beast’ artwork using bright, saturated colors. They will use a photo of their own room for reference and place equal emphasize on the interior and the exterior portions of the composition. They will collage a patterned cut out to represent a curtain.

Art Words: Fauvism, mixed medium, perspective

Materials: paper, pencil, oil pastels, patterned paper, glue


2nd Grade

“Cubist Self Portrait” inspired by the art of Pablo Picasso

Project: Inspired the Picasso’s Cubist phase, students will render an abstracted self-portrait using multiple perspectives of their face. They will use bright, unconventional colors for the facial features and hair, but will remain true to life with the color of their eyes. The back ground will be a quadrant of colorful wallpaper with patterns and designs.

Art Words: Cubism, self-portrait, Pablo Picasso

Materials: Paper, pencil, oil pastels


“Antlers & Flowers Still-Life” inspired by the art of Georgia O’Keeffe

Project: Working from a real-life display of flowers and antlers, students will sketch and color in a still-life composition inspired by the subject matter of Georgia O’Keefe.

Art Words: Still Life, Horizon line, Background, Foreground

Materials: Pencil, paper, oil pastels