We make programs and events happen for the Foothill Elementary kids and their families.  We earn the money necessary to fund those programs and events through our annual membership donation drive, and we also do some amount of fundraising.  Where do the donation dollars go?  In the 2015-2016 year, here is how we expect the donations to be distributed:

2015-2016 Expenses from PTA Donations

These programs are specific to Foothill Elementary School.  A district-wide group, the Saratoga Education Foundation, provides district-wide resources (like the art, music, science, physical education, and library staff) and the Foothill PTA provides materials (like the Art Docent Materials) and events (like the Science Fair) just for the Foothill students.

PTA benefits all Foothill Elementary School children. There is still time, if you are able to participate financially please contribute.  A suggested donation is $150 per child, but any amount helps us get closer to our goals. Additional donations are also welcome. If you are able to contribute more to cover field  trips and supplies for families who are not in a financial position to do so, we welcome and appreciate your additional donation.

You can go to our membership page or fill out a form in the office.

Parent participation is one thing that makes Foothill rise above other schools. We truly appreciate your support.