The yearbooks are due to be delivered this  coming Tuesday!

Annette Gujit & Linda Binns are the leads, and deserve a special thank you for all of their time and careful editing.

The success of the yearbook really comes down to ALL the class photographers for both taking photos throughout the year and making their class pages.

The chairs are especially grateful this year to Soo Mulchandani, Misa Miyahara, Shay Bagherian, Sylvia Kwong, Fan Steinke, Marc Cooper, Roxanne Enman, and Debbi Bettinger, who all volunteered to make additional pages.  As you can appreciate it is a lengthy task to capture all the events throughout the year and to create the 88 page book.

Thank you to all of those who make our Foothill Yearbook happen!

Thank you to our yearbook volunteers!