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It’s time to start thinking about this year’s Science Day (and Night)! Science Day will happen on March 10th, and you can bring your family to school from 6pm to 8pm on March 11th for Science Night to see everyone’s science projects and to do science experiments as a family.

We need PARENT VOLUNTEERS!  Please sign up here!

Science Fair Proposals are due to your teacher by February 2nd. This year you can do a standard science experiment (investigation) or you can create a new design to solve a problem (invention).

You can click here to download an introduction to this year’s Science Fair, including all of the rules.

Having trouble coming up with ideas? You can find ideas at about the right level for each grade here.
Kindergarten and 1st Grade Project Examples
2nd and 3rd Grade Project Examples
4th Grade Project Examples
5th Grade Project Examples

Curious about how the science fair committee will evaluate your project proposal?
Click here to see what we are looking for.

This year, you can download the Science Fair Forms online.
Click here for the form for Kindergartners through 3rd Graders. You can use the same form for both investigations and inventions.
Click here to download the 4th and 5th Grade Investigation Form. This is the form you use for an experiment using the scientific method. You can download an example Investigation Form here.
Click here to download the 4th and 5th Grade Invention Form. This is the form you will use if you have tried to design a solution to a problem. You can download an example Invention form here.

You can:
a.) fill the form out and give it to your teacher, or you can
b.) email the form to, or
c.) cut and paste the information from your Science Fair form into our online form here.

Foothill Science Day 2015