In May, we asked the Foothill Elementary parents to participate in a survey to help us prioritize programs.  The Foothill PTA provides both funding and volunteers for educational and community activities at Saratoga’s Foothill Elementary School.  Our goal was to learn where best to focus our resources.  About 25% of families participated in our anonymous survey, and we are including the results below.  The names of the programs are shown across the bottom of the chart.  The chart at the bottom shows the participation rates and willingness to volunteer at least one hour for each of the programs.  The bubble plot at the top shows how much parents say they value each of our programs — each circle is centered at its mean value, where a higher number means that it is more valued.  The size of the circle shows its variation in response.  The top four programs by value according to this survey were Science Day, Art Docent, Fall Family Fun Night, and the Variety Show.

In June, the PTA asked the staff and the students to contribute their feedback in a similar survey.  We are analyzing those results, and will publish them soon.  Our 2014-2015 program will take this information into account.


Results from the Parent Program Survey

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