Here is a final invitation to the Foothill Parent Meeting in the Multipurpose Room on October 12th at 8:30am!

Our Agenda is as follows:

  • Audit Approval and Financial/Budget Approvals Per the PDF Below
  • A Discussion about the District’s Instructional Technology Plans from Ms. Blanca Herrera
  • A Chance to Meet the Three SUSD Board Candidates

Here are the biographies of the board candidates:

Arati Nagaraj:

I have been in the United States since 1991. First, in Boston (until 2003) and then Saratoga. My father was a commercial airline pilot and I was fortunate to travel the world with him. Travel, education, and service to the community were our family values. I went to unconventional schools in India and I experienced what it meant to love learning and life. These are the same values I instill in my family here. We travel, explore, and give back.

I was elected to the SUSD Board of Trustees in 2010 for a 2 year term.

In 2012, I was re-elected, uncontested.

After a 25 year professional journey in the private sector- as a teacher, curriculum designer and corporate trainer, I am now Director of the Learning Innovation Hub for Silicon Valley Education Foundation, a nonprofit resource and advocate for students and educators. SVEF is dedicated to putting all students on track for college and careers, focusing on the critical areas of STEM.

My daughter, Ranjini, is a Sophomore at Rice University studying Kinesiology and Statistics and son, Nakul, a Freshman at Saratoga High School who is an avid Boy Scout and on the JV Football team. My husband, Varun, is a CEO and is also pursuing his PhD in Management. The love of learning and maintaining balance is part of the fabric of our family.

Rita Cao:

Rita Cao is a mom of two kids. Her son is a freshman in Saratoga High School, and her daughter is a 7th grader in Redwood. She actively involved in schools as PTA officer, Redwood math club coordinator, Argonaut ABC cornerstone reader, and all the other activities. She had been worked as a project lead and engineer for 16 years. Now she is a dedicated mom and volunteer.

Sophia Kao:

Sophia has two children attending Saratoga school, one is a senior at Saratoga High, another a 7th grade at Redwood middle. She has 13 years of engineering and management experience in high-tech companies before discovering her passion in education.

She believe strongly in engaging the parents and community as joint education partners, and has been an active volunteer in classrooms and schools. Currently she serves in SUSD district technology planning committee, the facilitator for Redwood’s Principal’s chat, as well as the School Site council at Saratoga High school.

Her background in engineering and passion for education lead her to advocate for the adoption of technology and innovative curriculum for K12 students. She served as math coach and science fair judge, co-founded a technology learning center and help built a teen’s entrepreneurship summer camp.

Her other community involvement includes volunteer in leadership positions with various nonprofit community organizations, including the Children’s Program coordinator at the largest Chinese church which serve 500 children every week, and the board member and chair-couple role at Family Vacation Camp, which attracts over 600 participants every year.



Parent Meeting October 12th: Program Funds Release, Ms. Herrera, SUSD Board Candidates