If you place and PAY for your yearbook order by OCTOBER 31st, you can personalize the back of  your child’s yearbook at no extra cost.  The yearbook price is $22.50.  Please note: You have until the end of January 2015 to submit your personalized page.

To order go to www.betteryearbook.com.

Click on “I want to pre-order my yearbook” in the Parents/Student box (bottom right of page). Sign in with User ID: foothill and Password: dolphin It will detail fully what you need to do and the deadline for YOU to submit your personalized page. Simple templates are available, you just need to upload photos and add a message. Make your child’s yearbook extra special and personalize it! Any questions please contact either Annette Guijt at annetteguijt@outlook.com or Linda Binns at lindajbinns@aol.co.uk

Order a Yearbook now to get Free Personalization!