Foothill’s Math Team consisted of 32 fourth- and fifth-grade students this year, all of whom worked hard between October and March to understand problem-solving concepts.  Math Olympiad problems are designed to encourage creative mathematical thinking. The students  participated in five contests between November and March.

Worldwide, approximately 120,000 students on more than 5000 teams competed this year.  Our team was judged in Division E, for fourth- through sixth-grade students.

Our Foothill Team was named to the MOEMS Honor Roll, with a team score of 200 points.  This put our team in the top 10% of worldwide teams, including teams consisting of only sixth-graders!

Additionally, we had two of our students place in the top 2% of all students worldwide, ten of our students placed in the top 10% of all students, 16 placed in the top 25%, and 22 placed in the top 50%.  All of our students learned a lot and had fun.  All of the students will be recognized at a special pizza party this week.

Ratnakar Palle was the primary organizer and point-of-contact for this year’s team.

Foothill’s Math Olympiad Team Works Hard to Bring Home Top Honors