Please mark your calendars for Friday, May 12th to come and celebrate the richness, unity and diversity of the cultures that we cherish here at Foothill. The celebrations will include stations for different countries.

We welcome our Foothill families to lead and join in the fun and are looking for Country Leads and Volunteers. Each Country Lead and his/her team will be responsible for their country’s station/table and coordinating the display and demonstration of their culture, dance, music and other art performances from the kids and Potluck. We also need volunteers to team up with the Country Leads and coordinate different activities.

Please email Venkat Ratnam (parent of a third grader) to sign up as a country lead and also use the sign-up sheet below. This sign-up sheet has individual country sign-up sheets too to facilitate coordination among each country’s team members

There are many ways you can make your country’s table/station interesting and engaging apart from food and other activities. They can also be instructional and informative to the children and parents alike.

Some of them include:

1. Art/Decorative Items/Handicrafts etc.

2. Country Map/Geography/Architecture

3. Samples of Traditional dress, costumes

4. Pictures of people in traditional dress

5. Display boards showing country facts – Country Map, Geography, Architecture, Commerce etc. (may be the children can make this)

6. Dance/music/instruments unique to your country – display/demonstration

7. Team performances on the stage

Please remember if you are bringing food, if doesn’t have to be expensive and the quantity doesn’t have to be a lot. These are just samplers any way.

Foothill International Night is Friday, May 12th! Still Seeking Country Leads and Volunteers!