An incoming kindergartner walks between raised garden boxes in the Foothill Kindergarten garden. In the foreground are flowers that attract butterflies.
A walk through the Kindergarten gardens. The Kindergarten butterfly garden is in the foreground.

A big Foothill thank you to all of the volunteers who have given their love and time to revive our Gardens this Summer!

The Kindergarten gardens were still in fairly good shape, but needed cleaning out, new soil, and fresh plants.  Yamagami Garden Center was kind enough to donate all the plants for a butterfly garden!

The large raised bed by the library needed a lot more work!  The roughly 40 by 15 foot bed was more than 20 years old and coming apart.  Over two different workdays (July 9th and July 16th), volunteers removed the old retaining walls and replaced them with new redwood walls!


The image shows an angled view of the old raised garden bed. The corner of the bed has a gap where the boards are coming apart.
The old garden bed near the library was rotting, and coming apart at the corners.
Image shows a woman sanding down a new redwood board in the foreground, while other volunteers dig out the old rotten boards around the bed in the background.
On July 9th, volunteers removed the old retaining walls and began to put the new retaining walls together.
The image shows two volunteers getting new boards ready in the foreground while other volunteers get the bed ready in the background.
Many members of the community, both Foothill families and local Boy Scout troop 566 showed up to help!
Image shows 5 volunteers digging in the new garden bed, and a boy in the foreground watching.
On July 16th, members of the community met again to finish the garden walls and to pull up the weeds from the old bed.


Foothill Community members will meet again this Saturday, August 13th, from 9am to 11:30am to get the garden ready for our incoming students!  This Autumn, the garden themes are:

  • How Much Water Do Our Plants Need?
  • What Parts of Plants are Edible?
  • What Plants did Native Californians Eat?
  • What are Pollinators?
  • How Do Worms Help Gardens?
  • What Shapes Can We Find in the Garden?

For more information about our garden, please visit our new Foothill Gardens page!

Foothill Gardens Coming Alive!