Chia and Amaranth in our Native American Garden

Come and join us at 9am this Saturday for our next Foothill Community Garden Day!  We need help weeding and putting up signs.  Our garden is getting a lot bigger.

A little over a week ago, we met our Kindergarten classes to release 1500 ladybugs in the Pollinator garden.  We were fighting an aphid infestation on the milkweed.  We plan on inviting every grade for a different activity in our gardens this year.

We are currently battling deer in the Library garden.  If you have any good ideas (that will also be safe for the kids), bring them!

We may also be assembling some workbenches for our MakerSpace.  We’ll let you know!

Ladybugs feasting on aphids in the Kindergarten garden.
Our Pollinator Gardens are beautiful right now!
The Kindergartners were very gentle with the ladybugs.
Come Join Us for our Next Community Garden Day! Sept 10th at 9am.